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Elevate Your Esports and Gaming Events with ARAM

After almost three decades of building and executing some of the most spectacular stages in entertainment and esports, we know that the bottom line everyone is looking at is this: people judge the prestige and the overall level of the tournament by how great the stage looks.

Work with professionals

For an esports event, the stage is the most complicated and resource-consuming element to design and execute. The more prestigious the event, the more complex the arena, the more technically challenging it is to put together a professional production – and the more professionals it takes to deliver.

Unmatched Stage Quality:

We understand that the stage is a crucial element in esports, often serving as the face of your brand. Our decades of experience in entertainment and esports have shown a direct correlation between stage quality and the overall success of an event. When you work with ARAM, you gain access to unparalleled stage production expertise that sets your event apart.

Proven Track Record:

We have proudly been the production partner of choice for ESL, one of the world’s largest esports companies, and have designed and built some of the most spectacular sets in esports over the past decade. Our experience spans traditional TV productions, shows, festivals, and sporting events, providing us with unique insights into the esports world.

Cost and Time Savings:

Our well-established industry connections enable us to help you choose the right venue and service providers while maintaining transparency in cost management. With streamlined communications among all stakeholders, you’ll save time, reduce costs, and avoid unnecessary complications.

Consistent Brand Identity:

We work closely with your brand guidelines to ensure your vision takes center stage. Our collaborative approach guarantees that your brand’s integrity remains intact throughout the design and execution process.

Broad Network of Partners:

Our extensive network ranges from industry giants to specialized agencies, ensuring you have access to the most resource-effective solutions for your project. We collaborate with trusted third parties worldwide to meet your specific needs.

Clear Responsibility:

At ARAM, we take complete responsibility for everything related to the stage, from initial design to teardown. Our direct communication with broadcast and technical production experts ensures seamless execution and successful results.

When you choose ARAM, you gain more control over your event’s creative and broadcast processes, maintain a consistent brand identity, and benefit from significant cost and time savings. We’ve been through every imaginable scenario, making us well-equipped to handle any design, production, or construction challenges.

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