Back to the New Year Eve…

We are extremely busy with many shows we do in 2014 and I forgot to write and post some pictures about New Years Eve stage we did just month ago 🙂 So.: Stage was equipped in latest Fourlight curtain including CURVE 8, Hi-strips and also our old but still in good condition LED GRID which

New Year’s Eve giant Stage in Poland

A picture is worth a thousand words so I want to show all my friends, customers and followers how looked a New Year’s Eve Stage in Wroclaw, Poland. Show was life broadcasted to TVP. We equip it in latest led technology from Fourlight and also a lot of lighting.

Giant multimedia set for Miss Supranational 2013

Finally I put all interesting photos and videos from the Miss Suprantaional 2013 in one place. There’s really a lot of photos so they are packed in dynamic video slide-show. Enjoy!   Subscribe to our YouTube Channel >

Do you know that it is possible to build a high resolution LED screen with no visible gaps – an arc ….. curved both inside and outside? This is the Fourlight CURVE 8mm . Curtain or LED screen – because it is a „2 in 1” can be curved and in both directions creating WAVY

Small fonts and graphs on 6mm LED screen

Since the birth of the indoor LED screens there is a myth that the resolution is to small to display charts with thin arrows and small fonts and everything which is small and difficult to read. During the 2013 Event Technology Days we had the opportunity to show how the graph looks on the 6mm

Some very first pictures form Miss Supranational giant multimedia set we build in Belarus last week. Show was a big success…. Can you believe that outer curve 8mm curtain can be gap free!? It’s fact. this is Fourlight CURVE 8. Ideal curve with no visible gap between panels…. …. yes, even on one color graphics.

We rare present the set design before the show but for the this time we were allowed to show what we build in Sports Arena in Minsk…. 6’th September we go LIVE with Miss Supranational 2013. P.S. We offer one stop shop services, from concept design to final production. If you are interested to talk

15th year selecting the World’s Best in Pageantry! GB comment: No question here, Miss Supranational’s production values and entertaining quality is at its finest, delivering an upbeat, interesting and easy-to-follow format; the lights, the stage, the pre-pageant videos, all adding to the great job this pageant has been doing for the past years. They get